Sarah Staton’s SupaStore/Sleep 2014 Includes excerpts from: SupaStore Boutique 1994, SupaStore NYC 1997, SupaStore Manc 1998 From left to right: Merlin Carpenter, Cartier Chanel (1989), acrylic on canvas, 45x60 cm TV: Zapp Magazine, Issue 3 (November 1994), feature of Julia Sher’s exhibition “Don’t Worry” (1994) Sofa: Sarah Staton, Boy Blanket (2014) Hadrian Piggott, Girl Boy Soaps (1994), posters Cerith Wynn Evans, Death Factory (1997), T-shirt, framed print of Throbbing Gristle Matthew Higgs, Nothing (1994), indian ink on wall Installation view, Galerie Emanuel Layr, 2014