Threads left dangling, veiled in ink / curated by_Vienna 2017
Erica Baum, Julien Bismuth, Marcelline Delbecq, Ellie Ga, Gina Pane, Robert Stadler, Slavs & Tatars curated by Béatrice Gross
15.9. –

Interwoven narratives create intriguing palimpsests of images and texts combined: from Erica Baum’s visual poetry found in old paperbacks and newspapers; Julien Bismuth’s encrypted views of an Amazonian dwelling; Marcelline Delbecq’s explorations of the cinematic and photographic potential of writing; Ellie Ga’s investigation into the histories and mythologies of Alexandria’s Pharos; Gina Pane’s mysterious ode to a childhood memory; Slavs and Tatars’ witty studies of Eurasian culture and politics; to Robert Stadler’s category-defying sculptural objects promoting printed and verbal language.

The exhibition takes place in the context of curated by_vienna: “image/reads/text”. In 2017, 21 Vienna galleries are involved in the project. In cooperation with international curators, the galleries conceptualise exhibitions opening up various perspectives on the topic. curated by_vienna is funded and organised by the Vienna Business Agency with its creative center departure with the objective of emphasising Vienna’s significance as a gallery location.

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