Catalog is a project that I started in 2010-2011. There are two installments as of this date. The first is Catalog 1.1: Serving Friction (2011). The second is Catalog 2.1: The Lazy Machine (2012). The two audio works I produced alongside these texts can be found on my vimeo site (Catalog 1.1: Serving Friction, which is an audio recording of the text by the same name, and Catalog 2.2: Q and A, which is a recording of the epilogue of Catalog 2.1: The Lazy Machine).These texts borrow from and adhere to the characteristic procedures of current conceptual writing practices. Nothing in these texts was written by me. Both are edits or montages of found (i.e. plagiarized) text. more information and soundfiles: http://www.julienbismuth.com/index.php/project/the-catalog-project/