Benjamin Hirte – A to K
15.11.2012 –

The hinge as nozzle is a can to the canvas and the cap as wig on a wall as the lid is the door is the A to the K.

A to K

is half of the alphabet. In Hip Hop,  these two letters also form the acronym a.k.a (also known as), introducing the rapper’s pseudonym.

In case of a cypress hill song, a to the k, it also relates to the AK47.

The works in the exhibition are like rhymes. In poetry and songs, both the literal meaning of words and their graphic appearance (syllables, endings, starting letters, letters) are of almost equal importance.

This juxtaposition of works acts like a combination lock. The objects are links, hinges, connections, adjusters, turning points and doublettes.


a CC for a Carbon Copy – email. The form of the C is taken from a circular symbol of an eye examination

a baseball as screwball, sanded on to the form of a mixing-ball from an aerosol can.

a second wall. The width is adopted by a pedestal from the gallery’s last exhibition

Goofy’s hand holding an aristocrat wig, that leads him stumbling through the confusions of the French Revolution.