Galerie Emanuel Layr
curated by 2020 / Vienna
curated by Lili Reynaud-Dewar and Olga Rozenblum
5.9. –

In the context of Curated By, Olga Rozenblum and Lili Reynaud-Dewar will curate an exhibition of works by Maïa Izzo Foulquier (1991-2019). Working under multiple identities, Maïa Izzo-Foulquier primarily used photographs as her main medium, documenting her emotional life and that of her friends and encounters, before turning to sex workers’ rights activism and writing political pamphlets under the name Thelma Hell. She also addressed issues of feminism, as well as her racial and cultural identity through her rap act under the name of Zelda Weinen. The second in a series of shows dedicated to her rich and complex practice, this exhibition, entitled “Propaganda Women”, aims at exploring the intrication of these different bodies and strategies into a one single powerful voice. “My books, photographs, videos, collages and texts are visual devices. They are my evidences. They report experiences in which representation is primarily envisioned as an action, a performance.”