Half real, half fiction at Lira Gallery Rome
Liudvikas Buklys & Benjamin Hirte
6.10. –

Things can’t help but move. Visualizing a movement you have to find a pattern, a logic of development, a method to sort it. One can help by including its possible future. A forecast, to create some kind of practical present, a reliable reality and environment to deal with. There is all kinds of sorting and hoarding systems: steps, pages, links, colours, vectors, clouds. In this show the terms real and fiction are neither perceptive nor speculative, it’s about solving problems, driving by sight, spoon to mouth. They are sculptural terms dealing with space and objects, involving the seconds to come. Like a nude descending a staircase.
This show involves various materials, and people: The Lithuanian Metereological Institute, Metallguss Loderer, Obi, a printer friend from Vilnius, the rubber store in the 10th District and a skate shop in the city center of Vienna, Sauro, Emanuel, Flavio and Ilaria.