Lili Reynaud-Dewar – Beyond the Land of Minimal Possessions / Vienna
Opening: 15 March 2019, 7 pm
16.3. –

A group of European art students and their professor travel through the U.S where they will attend a very special symposium that takes place once a year in the middle of the Texas desert. They stop by Marfa and experience the work of Donald Judd and various celebrated master pieces of Minimal Art. They also witness the impact of Minimalism related tourism on that small town. Some of the students start having nightmares, others notice weird things happening around the Art Foundations in Marfa. They hear rumors about strange disappearances occurring every year during the symposium. Indeed, upon arriving on its remote location in the desert, they find out one student is missing. Then begins a series of phenomenons such as the dislocation of time, body changes, zombification, more nightmares and multiple deaths, all happening amidst the presentations and talks of Michael Smith, Heyd Fontenot, Martha Wilson, Peter Friel, Ramaya Tegegne, and the birthday celebration of professor Lili Reynaud-Dewar’s mother, Mireille Rias …

Beyond the Land of Minimal Possessions is a horror comedy on the complex and intricate topics of art, gentrification and emancipation.

Professor: Lili Reynaud-Dewar
Students: Bianca Benenti Oriol, Joana Castilhos, Yannis Christ, Thomas Liu Le Lann, Trystan Matthey, Arttu Palmio, Claire Van Lubeek
Symposium Guests: Chad Dawkins, Dorothée Dupuis, Peter Friel, Heyd Fontenot, Laurent Schmid, Michael Smith, Ida Soulard, Ramaya Tegegne, Martha Wilson
Mother: Mireille Rias
Adobe Activist: Sandro Canovas

Camera: Victor Zébo
Sound: Laurent Schmid
Editing: Nicolas Bacou
Music: Nicolas Murer
Make-up: Trystan Matthey
Special effects: Hugo Scibetta

Produced by Head Geneva and Olga Rozenblum for Redshoes with the support of Artpace San Antonio and the French Institute in Texas, Fieldwork Marfa and Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès